The McFadden Crew of 415 Squadron.

Left to right: 
F/O S. McFadden  RCAF POW, Pilot; F/O N. Connor RCAF POW, Navigator; F/O E. Rhind RCAF, Bomb aimer;
P/O J. Rinder
RCAF, Wireless Op; P/O J. Clarke RCAF, Mid upper gunner; F/Sgt F. Graves RCAF POW, Rear gunner;
and Sgt J. Burton RAF POW, Flight Engineer.

Three crewmembers were killed and four were taken POW after being shot down by a night fighter.
F/O N. Connor, when baling out fell through the propellor arc and lost his left leg. After his parachute opened and
he controlled his descent, he had presence of mind to insert his pant leg into the wound to stem the flow of blood.
Once on the ground, he fashioned a tourniquet, possibly from parts of his parachute. He lay in an opening in a wooded area for
22.5 hours until found by a German farmer. He was then transported to a hospital where he was cared for.