The R. L. Thompson Crew of 419 Squadron

The Thompson crew abandoned Halifax II LW-282 coded VR-Y over Berlin during a bombing raid on December 29/30 1943
due to a serious engine fire in the port outer, with flames quickly engulfing the wing.
All became POW’s at Stalag IVb in Mühlberg on Elbe, Saxony Germany.

Back L to R: F/Sgt R. L. Thompson RCAF
POW, Pilot; Sgt A. S. Carroll RCAF POW, Mid upper gunner; 
Sgt F. W. Webb RCAF POW, Navigator; Sgt G. Cooper RAF POW, Flight engineer.

Front L to R: Sgt W. J. Berry RCAF POW, Rear gunner; Sgt S. J. Maloney RCAF POW, Bomb aimer
and Sgt R. G. Bilyard RAF POW, Wireless operator.

Photo graciously supplied by Susan Henn, daughter of Sgt Maloney.