The L. Holoway Crew of 420 Squadron.
This crew, flying Halifax III LW-674, coded PT-E, was shot down by a nightfighter on June 1/0/11, 1944 returing from Versailles.
L to R: F/Sgt H. Waller, RAF; unknown; P/O L. Holoway RCAF ; P/O F. Harrop, RCAF; P/O R. Irwin, RCAF
Sgt. N. Binnie, RCAF--Evd; Third from left is ; Far Left is .

Crew photo above graciously supplied by Howard Waller, nephew of  F/Sgt H Waller. 

Remaining crew members are: F/O J. Lancaster, RCAF; F/Sgt. B. Brakes, RAF--Evd
P/O W. Chudzik, RCAF. The unknown above in photo above could be either F/Sgt B. Brakes, or F/O J. Lancaster.
 Photo of P/O Chudzik below.