Watterson crew of 420 Squadron.
This crew failed to return from an operation to Karlsruhe on the night of April 24/25, 1944.
They missed the target on their first bombing run, were hit by another aircraft
and damaged on the second run. They were shot down by a Nightfighter on their way home and
blew up in midair near the Dutch village of Zulichem.

Left to Right: Sgt G. Tanner RCAF–POW--Air gunner,  F/O W. Murphy RCAF -
Wireless operator, P/O A. Hansford RAF--Flight engineer, F/O A. Redmonds RCAF-
Bomb aimer, W/O2 E. Webb RCAF--Navigator,  F/O D. Watterson RCAF - Pilot,
and Sgt B. Cassidy RCAF–POW - Air gunner.