The W. Vornbrock Crew of 424 Squadron.

P/O W. Vornbrock RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III LV-780 coded QB-M, failed to return from an attack over Dusseldorf
on April 22/23, 1944. They were attacked by a nightfighter over Tillburg, and crashed near Goirle, Holland. 6 crew members were killed and 1 POW.
    Sgt L. Walters RAF
    F/Sgt J. Laird RCAF
    P/O F. Cammaart RCAF
    Sgt L. Hanson RAF
    P/O J. Renning RCAF
    Sgt F. Morrisey RCAF–POW
Photo graciously supplied by Barrie Walters.