This memorial plaque in memory of 6 members of the P/O B. Hall RCAF crew of
425 Squadron, is in a park in the center of Bradford-on-Avon in West Wiltshire.

This crew crashed while on a training flight over Bradford-on-Avon, on March 26th, 1944.
Crew members were:
P/O B. Hall RCAF, Pilot
Sgt F. Simpson RAF, Flight engineer
P/O G. Pelter RCAF, Navigator
P/O D. Grover, RCAF, Navigator
P/O R. Porter RCAF, Bomb aimer
Sgt H. Newton RAF, Wireless Op
Sgt. W. Cameron RCAF, Mid-upper gunner
Sgt. G. Evans RAF, Rear gunner
Cpl D. Reid RCAF (a member of ground crew who was along for the flight)

 Photo graciously suppled by Howard Mitchell