Above are two photos of MZ-683 coded KW-A

Sgt M. Lavoie and crew from 425 squadron, flying Halifax III  MZ-683 coded KW-A, was returning from Foret D’Eawy on 3 engines. On landing, the Halifax swung and crashed into LW-680  KW-U, which was loaded with bombs and MZ-618  KW-J, which had just returned from Foret D’Eawy. All aircraft caught fire. Aircrew and ground crew worked hard at extricating trapped crewmembers amid fires and huge explosions. All crewmembers were rescued with injuries, some serious.

Air Commodore A. Ross was seriously injured in these explosions helping with the rescue of the trapped airmen, his arm was severed below the elbow. Lac MacKenzie and Lac Wolfe were also injured during this rescue.  A/C A. Ross received the George Cross, F/Sgt J. St. Germain and Cpl M. Marguet the George Medal, Lac M. MacKenzie and Lac R. Wolfe a BEM, for acts of bravery during this trying time.

Photo graciously suppled by James LaForce