The J. Laporte Crew of 425 Squadron at Tholthorpe standing in front of aircraft  Halifax III PN 172 coded KW-G. 

The crew members are, left to right: 

F/Sgt L. Veronneau, RCAF, mid-upper gunner; F/Sgt R. St.Onge, RCAF, rear-gunner;  F/O P. Rodrique, RCAF, Navigator;  F/L R. Laporte, RCAF, Pilot;
  F/O J. Foley, RCAF, bomb aimer; P/O J. Arcand
, RCAF, flight engineer; and F/Sgt J. Lamontagne, RCAF, wireless op.
This is the crew that was attacked and shot down over Belgium on the night of 15-16 March 1945. On the return leg from their mission, they were spotted by German searchlights and being unable to hide from them due to clear weather, became easy prey to JU 88 fighters. All bailed out except the flight engineer, J Arcand who died that night. The pilot, J.Laporte landed on a barn, his parachute then folded and he slipped off the barn and hurt his back hitting the ground. They were rescued and helped by friendly Belgium farmers.
Photo and comments given by  L. Veronneau, via Robert Perreault.