F/O Neal L. Craig, RCAF of 426 Squadron
was the pilot of Halifax III  LW-598 coded OW-J.

This bomber was orbiting the airfield when the stbd inner caught fire.
It then side-slipped and crashed into houses in the town of Newton on Ouse.
The mid upper gunner was able to get out and pulled the seriously injured pilot out.

The rest of the crew, P/O R. Parker, RCAF, Sgt. F. Howard, RAF 
P/O A Sootheran, RCAF , P/O W. Holenchuk, RCAF , W/O1 R. Parker, RCAF ,
Sgt. E. Neil, RCAF, Sgt. J. Hughes, RAF,  were killed.

Photo graciously supplied by Muriel Craig.