F/Sgt W. Olmsted
RCAF of 428 Squadron. 
F/Sgt Olmsted was the Rear Gunner with the Lillico crew, who flew Halifax II JN-973 coded NA-U, which failed to
return from a mining operation to Kiel Bay on April 17/18, 1944. The entire crew was lost without a trace.

The other crewmembers were:

P/O G. Lillico, RCAF
Sgt. J. Doyle, RAF Flt/Engineer
P/O W. Johnson, RCAF Navigator
P/O T. Zbytnuik, RCAF Bomb Aimer
F/O J. Westlake, RCAF Wireless Op
P/O J. Manson, RCAF Mid-upper Gunner

Photo graciously suppled by Grant Olmsted, nephew of F/Sgt Olmsted.