Sgt. A. Gourd RAF, mid-upper gunner with the Sgt A. Mitchell crew of 428 Squadron, died on August 27/28, 1943 when Halifax V EB-216 coded NA-R was shot down by a night fighter while approaching the target at Nurnburg. 

Also lost was Sgt A. Mitchell RAF Pilot; F/O  J.  McLeish RCAF, 2nd Pilot; Sgt H. Gordon RAF, Flight Engineer; and F/Sgt J. Hammer RCAF, Rear gunner.

Three crew members survived to become POWs. They were Sgt G. Brown RCAF, Navigator; Sgt C. Lunny RCAF, Bomb aimer; and Sgt C. Lott RAF, Wireless Op..

Photo graciously supplied by Cynthia Green, niece of Sgt A. Gourd.