The P. Hurley crew of 431 Squadron

This crew was shot down by an ME-262 and crashed near Hittfeld, Germany while returning from
an operation to Hamburg on March 31, 1945, flyin
g Lancaster X KB-859 coded SE-U.
The plane was badly damaged by gun-fire so the pilot attempted to land in a farmer's field.
When he realized the landing would not be possible, he bailed out at 200 ft. His parachute did not open completely,
but he landed in a manure pile and was the only surviver.
The rest of the crew were killed when the plane crashed into the farmhouse.

Back L to R: P/O A. Dorey RCAF, Wireless Op; Sgt L. J. Mercer RAF, Flight Engineer;
F/O P. B. Dennison RCAF, Mid upper gunner; and F/O J. J. Casey RCAF
Rear gunner.
Front L to R. F/Lt P. J. Hurley RCAF Pilot, POW; F/O M. Hartog RCAF Navigator; and F/O F. R. Alty RCAF , Bomb aimer.

Photo graciously supplied by Bruce Hurley, son of F/Lt P. J. Hurley.