L to R: S/Ldr T. B. Marshall RAF W/Cdr J. Coverdale RAF ; and S/Ldr W. E. Mulford RAF

S/Ldr W. E. Mulford RAF"A" Flight Commander, went mising on operations to Dusseldorf on June 11/12, 1943 while flying Wellington X HE-392 coded SE-L
W/C J. Coverdale went missing on operations to Krefeld June /21/22 1943, wh ile flying Wellington X HF-518 coded SE-J.
S/Ldr T. B. Marshall RAF "B" Flight Commander went missing on operatons to Bochum on May /13/14 1943 while flying Wellington HE-183 coded SE-J.

Photo graciously supplied by Ann Chavasse, daugter of W/C J. Coverdale.