The W/O2 T. Thould Crew of 434 Squadron.

L to R: W/O2 T. Thould RCAF , Pilot; F/O J. Macready RCAF POW, Navigator; Sgt K. Read RCAF POW, Bomb Aimer;
Sgt B. Gray RAF POW, Wireless Op; Sgt M. Vanzant RCAF POW, Mid-upper gunner; F/Sgt M. Leggett RCAF
, Rear Gunner
and Sgt A. Lloyd RAF POW, Flight engineer.

This crew was shot down by a night fighter while on operations to Nurnberg on August 27/28, 1943, while flying Halifax V DK-258 coded WL-X.

Photo graciously supplied by the Halifax Restoration Group at the Royal Canadian Air Force Memorial Museum in Trenton, ON.