The Sgt R. Pratt Crew of 434 Squadron.
Right to Left: Sgt R. Pratt RCAF, Pilot; Sgt J. Williamson RCAF Nav; Sgt R. Samson RCAF, Bomb aimer;
Sgt. S. Konar RCAF, Wireless OP; Sgt. J. Ritchie RCAF, Mid-upper gunner;
Sgt. R. Rice RCAF, Rear Gunner and Sgt. A. Bostock RA
F, F/Eng.

Sgt A. Bostock was killed on December 29/30, 1943 when this crew was hit by flak. Sgt R. Pratt was also injured
in this incident, he was hit in the leg by flak.

Photo graciously supplied by Paul Tyler whose father was also with 434 Squadron.