W/O2 Tom Thould RCAF flew with 408 Squadron and was transfered to 434 Squadron when
they formed.  He was killed on operations over Nurnberg on August 27/28, 1943.

The other members of the crew were:
*W/O2 H. Mallory RCAF, 2nd Pilot; Sgt A. Lloyd RAF, Flight Engineer;
F/O J. MacReady RCAF, Navigator; Sgt K. Read RCAF, Bomb Aimer;
Sgt B. Gray RAF, Wireless Op; Sgt M. Vanzant RCAF, Mid-upper Gunner;
F/Sgt M. Ledgett RCAF, Rear Gunner.

*W/O2 H. Mallory was killed when hit by a low-flying JU-88 while in an exercise yard at
prisoner of war camp IVB on April 30, 1944.

Photo courtesy of Darrell Manley, nephew of W/O2 Thould.