April 30/May 1, 1943

    20 Halifaxes from 408 and 419 Squadrons were ordered on an operation to Essen. The crews were over the target at between 17,000 and 19,000 feet, releasing 28,000 lbs of high explosives and 43,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports, the target was cloud covered with some new damage caused.

    F/O W. Keddie from 419 Squadron returned early as the stbd outer was u/s. They landed safely at base on 3 engines.
    Sgt J. McIntosh, F/O W. Elliott and F/O C. Vaillancourt returned early due to severe icing.
    F/Sgt M. Gray returned early as the rear turret was u/s.
    Sgt R. Harrison returned early as some instruments were u/s.

    420, 424, and 425 Squadrons ceased to fly operations as they were getting ready to move to the Middle East to begin operations from there.  They would all return back to the United Kingdom in the fall to convert to Halifaxes and resume operations over Europe.