February 3/4,1943

S/Ldr D. Clark -- 419 Squadron
While on operations to Hamburg on February 3/4,1943, Halifax II DT-615 coded VR-P, flown by S/Ldr D. Clark, encountered a enemy aircraft which was identified as an ME-110. The time was 20:55, position 53:15N-09:40E. The Halifax was flying at 18,000 feet and 210 mph. Visibility was affected with mist with 10/10ths cloud below.

The enemy aircraft was first seen by the mid upper gunner, flying dead astern of the Halifax at about 100 yards range. The position of the enemy aircraft was given to Sgt J. Brunett, the rear gunner, who opened fire at 50 to 75 yards range with a long burst of 300 rounds from 4 guns. The enemy aircraft then broke off the attack by diving under the Halifax. 

There were no search light activity or any other indication of imminent attack. The ME-110 did not open fire and no damage was claimed by the rear gunner. Evasive action taken by the bomber consisted of corkscrewing immediately after the enemy aircraft was sighted.