January 14/15,1943

W/Cdr S. Blanchard -- 426 Squadron
While on operations to Lorient on January 14/15,1943, Wellington III Z-1599 coded OW-M, flown by W/Cdr S. Blanchard from 426 Squadron, sighted a JU-88 shortly after crossing the enemy coast near Lannion at 00:46, height was 19,000 feet, speed 164 and a heading of 185 degrees. 

The enemy aircraft was first sighted by Sgt F. Riles who was occupying the astrodome. The enemy aircraft was on the starboard beam at approximately 1,000 yards. The weather was clear with clouds below and a moon on the starboard beam.

The enemy aircraft appeared to dive away and was seen by Sgt J. Eveline, the rear gunner, on the starboard quarter below at a range of 800 yards. He told the pilot to prepare to turn to starboard. 

Evasive action was started when the JU-88 was at 600 yards and the rear gunner opened fire at 400 yards. As soon as the rear gunner opened fire the enemy aircraft broke away on the starboard quarter down without returning fire. Our aircraft completed a turn of 360 degrees and continued on course. 

The enemy aircraft was not sighted again and no results of the gunnerís fire were observed.  There was no search light activity or any other indication that an attack was coming. The enemy aircraft carried no identification lights. 200 rounds were fired by the rear gunner without stoppages, the front gunner was unable to bring his guns to bear.