December 15/16, 1944

    51 Lancasters from 419, 428, and 431 squadrons were ordered to attack the oil refinery and I. G. Farben chemical factories at  Ludwigshaven. The crews were over the target at between 16,000 and 20,000 feet, releasing 467,000 lbs of high explosives and 102,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports, the industrial sector and the above mentioned targets were severely damaged.

    F/O N. Vatne from 419 squadron was hit by flak, the stbd inner was u/s. They landed safely at Deopham Green on 3 engines.
    F/O F. How, F/O L. Blaney, F/Lt H. Collard, F/O C. Williams, F/Lt D. Hunter, F/O G. Tedford, F/Lt J. Barlow, F/O W. Osborn, F/Lt J. Anderson, F/Lt A. Bishop, F/Lt W. Armstrong, F/Lt A. Warner, F/Lt A. Halkett, and F/O R. McVicar landed at Deopham Green on return due to poor weather at base.
    S/Ldr C. Black and crew, flying Lancaster X KB-762 coded VR-J, were fired at by a Fortress II, there was holes in the nose and F/Sgt B. McKinnon, the bomb aimer, was hit in the foot. They were also hit by flak, there were holes in the fuselage. They landed safely at Woodbridge.

    F/O N. Noel from 428 squadron was hit by flak, there were holes in the stbd wing and fuel tanks.
    All crews landed at Horham on return.
    F/O H. Humber, F/Sgt D. Mackie, W/O2 L. Read, F/O V. Gaskin, F/O K. Roulston, F/Lt J. Goldie, F/O D. Walsh, F/O E. Page, F/Lt E. Edmondson, F/Lt D. Lamont, F/O E. Peacock, F/Lt G. Quinn, F/O R. Anderson, P/O G. Pearce, F/Lt K. Ellson, W/Cdr A. Hull, and F/O D. Poole landed at Horham on return due to poor weather at base.

    P/O C. Heaven from 431 Squadron had the port inner go u/s over the target. They landed safely at Framlingham on 3 engines.
    F/O B. Mawhinney, F/Lt J. Henry, F/O G. McNeill, F/O E. Tuckey, F/O B. Kaplansky, P/O W. Weitendorf, P/O D. Rombough, F/Lt D. Borland, F/O J. Morton, F/O J. Duggan, F/Lt R. Haw, F/Lt B. Adilman, W/O1 D. Murray, W/Cdr E. Mitchell, F/O H. Williamson, and F/O M. MacLeod landed at Framlingham on return due to poor weather at base.