December 28/29, 1944

    16 Halifaxes from 424, 427, 429, and 433 Squadrons were ordered on a mining operation to Oslo. The crews were over the garden at between 500 and 5,000 feet, sowing 68@1500 lb mines.

    F/O B. Drewery RCAF and crew from 429 Squadron, flying Halifax III NR-197 coded AL-Z, failed to return from this operation. 

      Sgt. J. Richmond, RAF
      F/O L. Catheralle, RCAF
      F/O J. Cullem, RCAF
      P/O A. McDonald, RCAF
      F/Sgt. K. Kelly, RCAF
      F/Sgt. J. Giblin, RCAF
    All were killed when they were shot down by flak.