February 14/15, 1943

    20 Halifaxes from 408 and 419 Squadrons were joined by 27 Wellingtons from 420, 424, 426, 427, and 428 Squadrons, on an attack at Cologne. The crews were over the target at between 13,000 and 18,000 feet, releasing 68,000 lbs of high explosives and 123,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports, the target was cloud covered and the attack was scattered, but some damage was caused.

    F/O R. Gamble from 408 Squadron returned early as the electrical system was u/s.
    P/O D. Allen returned early as both turrets were u/s.
    F/Sgt J. Harty and crew flying Halifax II HR-658 coded EQ-V were in combat with an unidentified single engine aircraft and a ME-110, there was no damage, some strikes were seen on the ME-110.
    P/O I. MacKenzie and crew flying Halifax II DT-769 coded EQ-J were attacked 3 times by JU-88s, one was claimed probably destroyed. No damage to the Halifax was reported as a result of this combat.
    W/Cdr W. Ferris and crew, flying Halifax II DT-765 coded EQ-O, was in combat with  JU-88's. There was no claim or damage.
    F/Lt R. Boosey, RAF and crew, flying Halifax II  DT-750 coded EQ-U, was returning when both port engines quit. 

      Sgt D. Horner, RCAF
      P/O P. Mitchell, RAF
      F/Sgt M. Samuels, RCAF
      P/O P. Quance, RAAF
      P/O D. Gilbin, RCAF
      F/O J. Parker, RCAF
    The crew was able to bail out, but the rear gunner, F/O J. Parker, was killed when his parachute failed to fully deploy.

    P/O M. McLaughlin from 419 Squadron returned early as one engine and the intercom was u/s. They landed safely at base on 3 engines.
    P/O W. Sherk was hit by flak, not serious.
    Sgt J. Palmer was hit by flak, there were holes in the fuselage and windscreen.

    F/Sgt P. Townsend from 420 Squadron was involved in a combat with an ME-110, some strikes were seen and they were not damaged. They landed at Docking on return due to a fuel shortage.
    Sgt G. Perks and crew, flying Wellington III Z-1724 coded PT-X, was in combat with an ME-110. No damage or claim.

    S/Ldr J. Comar from 424 Squadron was hit by flak, there was a hole in the windscreen and the pilot was cut by glass.
    Sgt L. Wilson and crew flying Wellington III Z-1691 coded QB-R were attacked by a ME-109, this was shot down by the rear gunner and claimed destroyed.

    W/O2 P. Maries from 426 Squadron returned early as one engine was u/s. They landed safely at base on one engine.
    W/Cdr S. Blanchard RCAF and crew, flying Wellington III  X-3420  coded OW-H, failed to return from this operation.

      W/O2 K. Tutton, RCAF
      F/O P. Jeanneret, RCAF
      Sgt P. Corley, RAF
      F/Sgt A. Longwell, RCAF
      F/Sgt J. Eveline, RCAF
    All were killed All were killed after they were shot down by Hptm M. Meurer I/NJG 1 at 21:06 near Heel and Beegen.

    F/O V. Ganderton from 427 Squadron returned early as the intercom was u/s.
    F/Sgt G. Cadmus returned early as the rear turret was u/s.

    F/O R. Tighe and crew from 428 Squadron flying Wellington X HE-158 coded NA-G were attacked by a ME-109, there was no claim or damage.