February 27/28, 1943

    15 Halifaxes from 408 and 419 Squadrons were joined by 23 Wellingtons from 420, 424, 426, and 429 Squadrons on a mining operation to the Frisian Islands. The crews were over the garden at between 600 and 1,500 feet, sowing 83@1500 lb and 6@1000 lb mines.

    P/O L. Ainsworth from 419 Squadron returned early as the stbd inner was u/s. They landed safely at base on 3 engines.
    Sgt J. McIntosh and crew flying Halifax II DT-619 coded VR-Q were attacked by an enemy aircraft and hit by flak. Sgt B. Grogan RCAF, the Flt engineer and Sgt G. Dunbar RCAF, the rear gunner were killed. Sgt A. Mellin RCAF, the navigator, was seriously injured. Sgt Mellin looked after the flt engineer’s duties and his own until the Halifax made it back to England. They made a crash landing at Coltishall without any further injuries to the crew. Sgt Mellin was awarded the DFM for his efforts on this operation.

    Sgt M. Gray RCAF and crew, flying Halifax II DT-615 coded VR-P, were hit by flak, seriously damaging their Halifax. They ditched in the North Sea.

      Sgt C. Wilby RCAF
      F/Sgt C. Hancock RCAF
      F/O W. McNicol RCAF
      Sgt G. Low RCAF
      Sgt M. Braniff RCAF
      P/O R. Harling RCAF
    All of the crew were rescued after 22 hours in a dinghy.

    Sgt L. Sutherland RCAF and crew from 426 Squadron, flying Wellington III X-3364 coded OW-?, crashed after takeoff. The crew was not injured.