February 12/13, 1944

    6 Halifaxes from 419 were ordered on a mining operation to the Frisian Islands. The crews were over the garden, sowing 10@1500 lb mines.

    W/Cdr W. Pleasance returned early as the navigation aids were u/s.
    F/Lt D. Laidlaw, RCAF and crew, flying Halifax II HR-910 coded VR-R, failed to return from this operation.

      Sgt J.Ashton, RAF
      F/O W.Rempel, RCAF
      F/O R.Kemp, RCAF
      W/O S.Lagdon, RAF
      F/Sgt A.Miller, RCAF
      W/O1 J.Bachand, RCAF
    All were lost without a trace.