January 15, 1943

    Six Wellingtons from 420 Squadron attempted to bomb Norden in daylight. The cloud cover wasn’t there and they were recalled to base.                                                                                       

    6 crews departed base at between 12:14 and 12:22, returning to base at between 16:38 and 17:46.  

    Sgt D. Sanderson and crew flying Wellington III  X-3809 coded PT-C  did not receive this message and were successful in making it to the target. They unloaded 4000 lbs of high explosives from 600 feet at 14:27

    F/Sgt J. Thomson and crew, flying Wellington III  BK-330 coded PT-K,  returned early at 13:08 from position 54:22N-01:05W as the port engine was u/s. They jettisoned 400 gallons of fuel and the bomb load and landed safely at base on one engine.

    Sgt W. Horborenko and crew, flying Wellington III  BK-331 coded PT-W, were attacked by 6 flak ships. Hits were taken behind the co-pilots door, they returned safely to base.