July 9, 1944

    8 Lancasters from 419 Squadron were joined by 92 Halifaxes from 424, 427, 429, 431, 432, 433, and 434 Squadrons on an attack on the V-1 launching sites at Mont Candon and Ardouval. The crews were over the targets at between 10,000 and 12,000 feet, releasing 773,000 lbs of high explosives. According to reports, there was cloud and some of the bombing was scattered.

    F/O R. Millar, P/O A. Roy, F/Lt J. Hovey, F/O A. Rokeby, F/O J. Bell, 1st/Lt J. Hartshorn, W/O2 I. Johnson, and F/Lt W. Anderson from 419 Squadron landed at Little Snoring on return due to bad weather at base.

    F/O G. Craig, F/O G. Campbell, Sgt R. Earl, F/O J. Dundas, F/O M. Sherwood, and F/O P. Cronin from 424 Squadron landed at North Creake on return due to poor weather at base.

    P/O J. Kicak from 427 Squadron was hit by flak, not serious.

    F/Lt E. Hawn from 429 Squadron was hit by flak, the rudders and elevators were damaged.

    F/O J. Harris from 431 Squadron landed at Woodbridge on return as they had brake problems.
    S/Ldr C. Bull, Sgt A. Pitzek, and F/O J. Collver landed at Methwold on return.
    Sgt W. Aldred landed at Bovington on return.

    7 crews from 432 Squadron landed away on return.

    W/O2 F. Devine from 433 Squadron returned early as the stbd outer was u/s. They landed safely at Weat Raynham on 3 engines.
    F/O W. Miller returned without bombing as there were no T.I.s. They landed at Oulton due to poor weather at base.
    P/O J. Mitchell, F/O E. Eyjolfson, P/O F. Edmondson, F/O J. Linklater, F/O W. Novick, P/O J. Major, S/Ldr H. Patterson, F/O J. Morgan, P/O J. James, and F/O J. Hartley landed at West Raynham on return due to poor weather at base.
    F/O C. Appleton landed at North Pickenham on return due to poor weather at base.
    F/O J. Burch landed at Ford on return due to poor weather at base.

    P/O A. Spence from 434 Squadron landed at Wyton on return.
    F/O G. Moore, S/Ldr J. Hammond, F/O G. Nickerson, F/O V. Woods, P/O A. Gibb, F/Lt G. McKay, P/O K. Magrath, and P/O F. Sawyer landed at Coltishall on return.
    P/O J. Stinson landed at Sheppards Grove on return.
    P/O L. Browning landed at Bardney on return.
    P/O J. Lees landed at Wellesbourne Mountford on return.
    P/O R. Pratt landed at Carnaby on return.