March 13/14, 1943

    18 Wellingtons from 420 and 424 Squadrons were sent out on a mining operation to the Frisian Islands. The crews released their loads from between 700 and 900 feet, sowing 32@1500 lb. mines.

    Sgt L. Horahan and Sgt J. Easson from 420 Squadron returned to base with their mines as they could not find the pinpoint.
    returned to base as they could not find the pinpoint.
    F/Sgt C. Tidy, RCAF and crew, flying Wellington III BK-296 coded PT-J, failed to return. 

      P/O J. MacFarlane, RCAF
      F/Sgt G. Hall, RCAF
      Sgt H. Reddy, RAF
      F/Sgt J. Corbett, RCAF
    They were lost without a trace.

    Sgt R. Buie of 424 Squadron returned without releasing his mines as they could not find the pinpoint, they landed safely at Croft.
    F/Sgt H. Mayer landed at Linton on Ouse on return.
    Sgt R. White landed at Croft on return.
    F/Sgt J. Ryan, F/Sgt R. Mang, Sgt P. Heden, P/O L. Copenhaver, and Sgt W. Grigg all landed at Middleton St. George on return.
    P/O G. Bain crash landed at base on return, the crew was safe and not injured.