March 23/24, 1943

    24 Wellingtons from 424 and 426 Squadrons were ordered on a mining operation to Texel and Frisian Islands area. The crews released their loads from between 700 and 5,000 feet, sowing 46@1500 lb mines.

    F/Sgt R. Mang, Sgt W. Dove, F/Sgt S. Nicolle, F/O L. Brown, and F/O C. Hess of 424 Squadron landed at Pershore on return.
    Sgt R. White, Sgt D. Parker, and Sgt A. Mcmanus landed at Wellesbourne on return.
    F/Sgt H. Mayer landed at Wellesbourne but damaged the elevator on landing.

    Sgt I. Runciman of 426 Squadron returned early, as they were unable to find the pinpoint.
    Sgt F. Stuart landed at Pocklington on return.
    S/Ldr C. Dowie landed at Dishforth on return.
    Sgt J. Wright, Sgt S. Gaunt, Sgt E. Hall, P/O E. Shaw, F/Lt J. McNeill, Sgt A. Steen, Sgt J. McGavock, Sgt G. McMenemy, Sgt F. Dingwall, P/O D. Shuttleworth, F/Sgt H. Patch, and P/O D. Kennedy landed at Linton on Ouse on return.