September 12/13, 1944

    12 Halifaxes from 427 and 429 squadrons were ordered on a mining operation to the Oslo area. All crews returned early as the weather over the garden was poor.

    F/O D. Gillis from 429 squadron returned early . The stbd outer was u/s. They landed safely at base on 3 engines.
    F/O R. Kingsland RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III MZ-864 coded AL-B, was hit by flak. Both outer engines were u/s. Returning to base, over the North Sea the stbd outer propellor came off hitting and damaging the stbd inner engine, going over the top and removing the port fin and rudder. The crew was forced the ditch in the north sea. 

      Sgt. D. Russell, RAF
      F/O R. Thorne, RCAF
      Sgt. R. McCalum, RCAF
      P/O J. Courtois, RCAF
      Sgt. J. Deniey, RCAF
      Sgt. P. Nabozniak, RCAF
    All of the crew were able to get into a dinghy.