September 16, 1944

    3 Halifaxes from 420 and 425 Squadrons were sent on a Sea Search for F/Lt V. Motherwell. They departed base at 15.11, flew to Flamborough Head and then out to sea at 300 feet.

    After searching, they found the dinghy at 17.27 hours. F/Lt E. Heimpel from 420 Squadron climbed to height to transmit a fix and guide the launches. F/O G. Jones from 420 Squadron circled the dinghy and dropped a Lindholme boat which broke apart after hitting the water. They then called F/O J. Marcotte from 425 Squadron and they dropped their Lindholme boat which was successful.
    They all continued to circle until 18.18 hours when they heard a Walrus was on their way. All crews returned safely to base at 20.30 hours.