September 19, 1944

    29 Lancasters from 419 and 428 squadrons were joined by 27 Halifaxes from 431 and 434 squadrons on an attack of the coastal guns at Domberg. Again the crews were ordered back to back due to poor weather over the target.

    P/O J. Lees RCAF and crew from 434 squadron flying Halifax III MZ-908 coded WL-O were returning from this operation, using up fuel to make a landing. The stbd outer shed the propeller and took off the stbd inner propeller with it. The crew was ordered to abandon the Halifax. 

      Sgt M. Bush RAF
      P/O R. Thompson RCAF
      F/O B. Warr RCAF
      F/O M. Stiles RCAF
      P/O P. Melneczuk RCAF
      F/Sgt W. Bowyer RAF
    The crew did so safely, except the pilot who tried to land at Milfield, but crashed south of Berwick.