This photograph was sent home by François Rolland Pilon.  He is shown here with 4 other crew members of the ill-fated
BB-343 (EQ-X) of the 408 Squadron, RCAF.  His journal indicates he joined the 408 Squadron on March 25, 1943. 
This photograph must have been taken sometime between that date and April 16, 1943.

This crew were all killed when Halifax II BB-343 coded EQ-X failed to return on the night of April 16/17, 1943 while on operations to Pilsen

The following is the translation of the caption Rolland Pilon wrote on the back of this photograph:
"Our Crew"
Standing - from left to right
F.Sgt Lloyd Haines RCAF, Bomb aimer - from Montréal
-Sgt A. (Tony) Gielty RAF, Rear gunner - our good Scotsman
the "Navigator" (F.Sgt François Rolland Pilon) RCAF
Sgt Ronnie Winter RAF Wireless Op, Englishman
 Kneeling: - Jacques Guay RCAF, pilot - from Québec

P.S. Our two new members are not present.

(The missing members were Sgt F. Hill RCAF, Fl/Eng and F/Sgt I. MacDonald RCAF, Mid upper gunner.)

Photo and information graciously suppled by Jean-Luc Pilon.

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