Photos Courtesy of Ian Foster--57 Rescue
During World War II, Wombleton had an airfield  which was used by the Royal Canadian Airforce. It was part of 6 (RCAF) Group, RAF Bomber Command. Pilots who were experienced on twin-engined bombers such as Wellingtons, Whitleys and Mosquitoes came to Wombleton to receive conversion training for the four-engined heavy bombers such as the Halifax Mk 1 & 3 and the Lancaster Mk 3 & Canadian Mk 10.
Dedication of Memorial at site of 1666 (Caribou) HCU, the old Wombleton Airfield, near Kirkby Moorside, 28th May 2001. The gentleman on the right is Ron Read Pilot DFC (& 57 RESCUE member) who landed the first 'official four engined bomber on the airfield.

57 RESCUE's wreath is the one on the left, the others are RCAF, 
RAF, 6 Group Association, and RBL

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