The J. D. Harvey crew from 408 Squadron

The Harvey crew, flying Halifax JD-323, coded EQ-S went into a spin from 19,000 to 12,000 feet due to very severe weather
and icing on the wings. Sgt Harvey gave the order to abandon the aircraft but Sgt R. Shire RAF, the Wireless Op
was the only member of the crew that bailed out before the pilot regained control and rescinded the order.

Sgt Harvey and the rest of the crew returned to base and completed their tour, while Sgt Shire
was captured in enemy territory and spent the remainder of the war in a POW camp.

Front Row Centre is Sgt J. D. Harvey RCAF, Pilot. Back row on the far left is Sgt Raymond Shire RAF POW, Wireless Op

This photo came from the 408 Squadron historical unit. If you can identify
the remaining crewmembers in the photo, please contact me.

Thanks to Liz Dyer, daughter of Sgt Shire, for IDing this crew.

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