April 23/24, 1944

    37 Halifaxes from 419, 428, and 434 Squadrons were ordered on a mining operation the  Kadet Channel and Rugen Island. The crews were over the gardens at 15,000 feet, sowing 74@1500 lb mines.

    F/O W. Blake RCAF and crew from 428 Squadron, flying Halifax II LW-285 coded NA-Z, failed to return from this operation. 
    Sgt J. Danskin RAF–Evd
    F/O N. Bell RCAF–Evd
    F/O W. Watt RCAF–Evd
    W/O C. Graham RAF–Evd
    Sgt T. Jerry RCAF–Evd
    P/O J. Houston RAF–Evd
    6 crew evaded and 1 killed after being shot up severely by a JU-88. They were heading for Sweden when they had to bail out of their Halifax.

    P/O A. Doran from 434 squadron was attacked by a JU-88, it was claimed destroyed.


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