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March 18, 2013
Added photo of the Coghlan Crew of 434 Squadron

Dec 30, 2012
Added photo of the H. Lossing Crew of 433 Squadron.

December 29, 2012
Added photos of F/S J.Ardis, F/L M. A. Henry, and F/S E.S. Jones of 428 Squadron
Added photo of F/S B. E. Hall of 432 Squadron

Announcing publication of  Night Madness by Richard R. Pyves. This is the true story of  Ron Pyves - a teenage tailgunner during WWII - and the fight for his life during and after the war.

*A video introduction to the book can be seen at here.

Copies can be purchased online at Chapters.

October 17, 2012
Added photo of the L. Holoway crew of 420 Squadron
Added photo of the R.  Ritchie crew of 432 Squadron

New e-mail address for contacting 6 Group. Please send a message if you are a former contact so that I can add you to my new address book.
rkoval at

January 31, 2011
Added the following 415 crew photos:
D. McTaggart

Added Halifax III LL-575 of 415 Squadron to Noseart section.

Added photo of the Burges Crew of 431 Squadron

January 1, 2011
Added Garvin Crew of 427 Squadron, Kagna Crew of 428 Squadron, Philbin Crew of 431 Squadron; Lesesne Crew of 425 Squadron, and Russell Crew of 408 Squadron.

September 19, 2009
Added photo of F/O Sydney Brown of 420 Squadron
Added photo of the Reynolds crew of 424 Squadron
Added further info to the Oct 12, 1944 Daily Operations page.

August 27, 2009
Added photo of the L. Minkler crew of 415 Squadron
Added photo of the D. Burnell crew of 408 Squadron
Added photos of the Rowe Crew of 429 Squadron
ID'd the  members of the Craven crew of 408 Squadron

August 2, 2009
Added photos of the R. Kent and W. Smith crews of 419 Squadron.

July 2, 2009
Added photo of F/O G. W. Lawry of 419 Squadron

July 1, 2009
Added Bons Tassilly August 14, 1944 strike photo
Added photo of F/O W. (Bill) Underhill of 415 Squadron
Added photo of 3 crewmembers of D. McNeill crew of 415 Squadron relaxing
Added photo of Halifax III NR-124 coded 6U-I (Item) of 415 Squadron

May 13, 2009
Added photo of G. Gardiner of 429 Squadron.

May 2, 2009
Added photo of D. MacNeil of 415 Squadron

April 26, 2009
Added photo of the Burrows crew of 408 Squadron.

April 5, 2009
Added photo of the Herringer crew of 408 Squadron.
Added photo of the Control Tower at Linton on Ouse and a photo of the boats used to cross the river to the Linton on Ouse Airfield page.

March 7, 2009
Added photo of the Leaver Crew to the 408 and 434 crew photos.

February 13, 2009
Added photos of Airfields to go along with diagrams to Airfields section.
Added photo of Al Warrington and Pete Kuchma of 415 Squadron.

January 29, 2009
Added photo of the Lillico Crew and of P/O Zybtnuik to the 428 Squadron pages.
Added 433 group photo taken at Skipton on Swale, 1945.

January 24, 2009

Added photo of F/Sgt W. Olmsted of 428 Squadron to the crew photos section.

January 23, 2009
Added photo of P/O G. Lillico of 428 Squadron to the Crew Photos section.
Added details to loss of the Lillico crew on Daily Operations page April 17/18, 1944

January 20, 2009
Added photo of  Halifax III NR-122 6U-X to the Aircraft Photo section.
Added photo of the A. Galley crew of 415 Squadron to the Crew Photo section.

January 10, 2009
Added the following 429 crew photos:
H. Wood, F. Warrington, D. Williams, W. Thomas, T. Turner

January 21, 2007
Added photos of the R. L. Porter, J. A. Morgan, and A. P. Blackburn crews to the 433 Crew Photo section (Blackburn crew also added to 434 section).

January 08, 2007
Added a photo of the R. L. Sollie Crew of 420 Squadron
Corrected Serial Number on 408 Squadron Nose art photos EQ-Z "Zombie"

January 01, 2007
Happy New Year to all our 6 Group readers! We've started the year off by adding the following photos:

431 Squadron COs Coverdale, Davenport, and Newson
431 Squadron group photo of  Mulford, Coverdale, and Marshall (found under individual photos)
434 Squadron Hukee crew.
419 Squadron Thompson Crew.

July 31, 2006
Added photos of the J. White crew to 408 Squadron (crew and individual).

July 27, 2006
Added a photo of the A. Weston crew of 419 Squadron.

May 25, 2006

Added a link to A Kreigie's Lament; The wartime diaries of George V. Neal. Book orders and contact information. You can find this on the links page.

May 24, 2006
Over the next while we will be adding a number of photos. So far we have added a number of crew photos to 408, 415, 425, 426, and 434 Squadrons, as well as a few nose art and aircraft photos. Sorry we haven't been updating the What's New page as we go along.

January 12, 2006
Unfortunately the 6 Group Bomber Command Association reunion mentioned below has been cancelled, mainly due to health problems among the UK committee.

To quote Ken Cothliff, Chairman of the 6 (RCAF) Group Bomber Command Association, after he had learned that two of his stalwart committee members would not be able to participate further because of health problems: 
"We need a team here to make it work and we need numbers to ensure a dignity of an event that would include a service at York Minster, and a Mess Dinner at RAF Linton on Ouse. Both are not forthcoming, and I had to take the sad decision to cancel. There could have been nothing worse than several people gathered together in York Minster, or the Museum. I couldn't keep those of you over the 'pond' on tenterhooks, over whether it was on or off, especially with the flights needing to be booked.
"However, as I'm here in Yorkshire, I would be pleased to personally help anyone coming over, and our Treasurer, Audrey who lives in York will also meet and help any visitors. I can offer guided tours around the 6 Group area, and have contacts at many of the old airfields, and the Yorkshire Air Museum, and can provide assistance with transport. If any groups of Canadians want to come over, I'm delighted to help in any way I can."

December 18, 2005
We've been making additions and corrections to the site as time allows, but haven't been keeping up with the what's new page. We'll probably get nothing more than a lump of coal from Santa for that.

Here is an important announcement for anyone interested in attending a final 6 Group Reunion in York, England which was sent to us today:

"The 6 (RCAF) Group Bomber Command Association has decided to hold a final Reunion in York, England the weekend of June 1-4, 2006 as a dignified finale for 6(RCAF) Group of RAF Bomber Command in WWII. Not just for members of the Association but for all who served in 6 Group during the war and any families of Group members who wish to attend.

For details: North America respondents contact: Ron Butcher, 85-7583 Central Saanich Road, Saanichton, BC Canada   V8M 2B6 or e-mail Ron Butcher<exsqn408rcaf at>*. For those in the UK and elsewhere, by e-mail:
Ken Cothliff <kencothliff at>*, or by letter to Mrs. A. Cable, 31 Springfield Rd., Upper Poppleton, YORK , YO21  6JJ  United Kingdom."
*Replace at with @ in these e-mail addresses

June 6, 2005
We are so far behind on the what's new page that it's embarassing.

Today we received this notice of a closing party for 433 Squadron, which they asked us to post. You can read the details here.

April 10
Added photo of memorial at Bradford-on-Avon. 415 Ground crew photo.

April 9
Added photos of the Lawrenson crew of 432 Squadron, Edgar Ison to the Individual photo section of 432 Squadron, and a photo of "Saucy Sue" to the 432 Nose Art section.

January 26
Added photos of the Smith and Frail crews of 428 Squadron to the Crew photo section.

January 16
Added photo of E. Carruthers to the 428 Squadron photo section.

Happy 2004! 
After a particularly slow year on the website due to a busy year otherwise, we are going to try to get our noses back to the grindstone and make more regular additions to the site. We have LOTS of pictures that need to be added. Many thanks to those who donated them and for your patience with us in waiting to see them posted to the site. Here is the first round:

January 9 & 10 2004
Added crew photos to 432, 415, and 427 Squadrons in the Crew photo section.
Added a link to 460 Squadron site.

November 15
Added two 424 Squadron crew pictures, one 427 Squadron crew picture, and one 408 Squadron picture.

November 12
Added photo of the S. Dowdell crew of 42 Squadron to the Crew photo section.

June 15
Added photo of the G. Simard crew of 425 Squadron to the Crew photo section.

June 8
Added photos of Squadron Commanding Officers to 415, 420, 424, 425, and 431Squadron Crew photo sections. 

Added a photo of F/O Kallal of 425 Squadron.

May 29
Added approx. 40 strike photos.

May 24
Added photo of J. Collver to 431 Squadron Crew photo section.

April 5
Added photos to 432 Noseart and 431, 432, and 433 individual Crew photo section.

March 25
Added photos of the E. Baillie crew of 425 Squadron to the Crew photo section.

March 24
Added poto of F/Sgt Wilfred Mylchreest to 424 Squadron Crew photo section.

March 19
Added photo of F/Sgt E. Edwards to 428 Squadron Crew photo section.

March 6
Added photo of "Vicky" to 427 Squadron Nose Art

March 3
Added photo of the Biggs crew of 427 Squadron as well as a photo of the remains of LK-628 to the aircraft photo section.

March 1
Added photos to the 433 Squadron Crew photo section.

February 26
Added photo of G. England to 428 Squadron photos, and added all the 427 Squadron Commanding Officers.

February 23
Added photos to the 432 and 434 Nose Art , and the 408 Crew photo sections.

February 22
Added more crew and individual photos to the 427 Crew photo section.

February 21
Added strike photos for February 1945, and crew photos to 428 Squadron. 

February 19
Added Aircrew and Noseart to the 427 pages. 

February 18
Added photos of Sgt J. Kelly, Sgt R. Campbell, and the Cohen Crew of 419 Squadron, and F/Sgt L. White of 420 Squadron to the Crew photo section.
Added 6 427 Noseart photos to Nose Art .

January 9
Added photo of a group of 424 Bomb Aimers, and a photo of the J. Hamilton Crew of 424 Squadron to the Crew photo section.

January 3
Added strike photo, Calais September 25, 1944, and photo of Halifax III PT-R of 420 Squadron.

January 2, 2003
Added photos of the E. Johnson Crew and the N. McHolm Crew of 420 Squadron.

December 29
Added photos of 2 Wing Commanders from 408 Squadron, a number of crews from 419,  420, 425, and 426 Squadrons.

November 20
Added photo of B. Adilman of 431 Squadron,  and A. Stedman of 432 Squadron to Crew photo section.

November 18
Added photos to the Crew photo section: G. Miles of 431 Squadron, the Peaker crew of 432 Squadron, and a group of 428 NCOs.

November 11
Reorganized the 433 Crew photo section and added photos of 5 more crews. 

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