April 9/10, 1945

    20 Lancasters from 424, 427, 429, and 433 Squadrons were ordered on a mining operation to Kiel Bay. The crews were over the garden at 12,000 feet, sowing 108@1500 lb mines.

    F/O J. Fache from 424 Squadron returned to base as the navigation aids were u/s.
    F/O G. Reynolds had the rear turret catch fire on return due to an electrical problem. They landed safely at Woodbridge on return.

    F/Lt E. Shaw from 427 Squadron returned early as their navigation aids were u/s.

    F/Lt J. Brown and crew from 429 Squadron flying Lancaster III PA-272 were hit in the port outer engine and bomb bay, by stray bullets. The port outer had to be shut down and they landed safely at base on three engines.

    F/Lt D. Rogers and crew from 433 Squadron flying Lancaster I NG-441 coded BM-L were attacked by an FW-190, strikes were seen and it was claimed damaged. 

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