June 19/20, 1943

    42 Halifaxes from 408, 419, 427, and 428 Squadrons were ordered on an attack to Le Creusot. The crews were over the target at between 5,000 and 8,000 feet, releasing 310,000 lbs of high explosives.
    This attack was aimed at the Schneider armaments factory and the Breuil steel factory. Some damage was caused to these factories.

    Sgt B. Milligan from 408 Squadron was hit by flak, not serious.
    P/O R. Symes, RAF–POW and crew, flying Halifax II JD-107 coded EQ-Y, failed to return from this operation. 

      P/O D. Horner, RAF
      Sgt J. Denholm, RAF
      F/Lt M. Samuels, RCAF
      P/O P. Quance, RAAF
      Sgt H. Brown, RCAF–POW
      F/O R. Ball, RCAF–POW
    4 crewmembers were killed and 3 POWs after being hit by a light flak emplacement north of Caen. 

    S/Ldr J. Pattison from 419 Squadron returned without bombing, as they could not identify the target.

    P/O B. Crew from 427 Squadron returned early as the instruments were u/s.
    F/O L. Colquhoun returned early as both turrets were u/s.
    W/Cdr D. Burnside was hit by flak, mid upper gunner slightly injured.
    F/O L. Somers landed at Tangmere on return.

    Sgt M. Chepil from 428 Squadron had the port outer go u/s on return. They landed safely at Tangmere on 3 engines.
    F/Sgt C. Pearce landed at Elsham Wolds on return due to low fuel.
    F/Sgt L. Williamson landed at Polebrook.

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