June 2/3, 1944

    56 Halifaxes from 420, 425, 426, and 432 squadron joined 14 Lancasters from 408 to attack a heavy gun battery at Neufchatel. The crew were over the target between 6,000 and 8,000 feet, dropping 620,000 lbs of high explosives.

    F/Sgt. G. Pritchard of 420 squadron was attacked by an FW-190, there was no damage or claim.

    F/Lt. T. Rance of 425 squadron was attacked by an enemy fighter, there was no claim or damage.
    F/Sgt J. Ryan was fired upon by an other Halifax with only a slight damage.

    F/Lt. M. Pettit of 432 squadron returned early as they were off track and would have been late over the target.


    As this was taking place, 24 Halifaxes from 428 and 433 squadrons were out mining to Le Havre, Dunkirk and Den Helder areas. 76@1500 lb. and 20@1850 lb. mines were sown from between 6,000 and 8,000 feet. All crews returned safely to base.

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