June 7/8, 1944

    23 Lancasters from 408 and 419 squadrons were joined by 97 Halifaxes from 420, 425, 426, 429, 431, 432, 433, and 434 squadrons in attacking the road/rail junction at Acheres and the rail yards at Versailles. The crews were over the targets at between 3,000 and 7,000 feet releasing 930,000 lbs of high explosives. According to reports, these targets were accurately bombed.

    F/Lt. J. Easton from 408 squadron was attacked by an ME-410 over the target. They crashed landed at base with no injuries to the crew.
    F/Lt. J. Weis, RCAF and crew flying Lancaster Mk II LL-643 coded EQ-Q, failed to return from this operation, The aircraft crashed in a wooded area near Bailleul-Neuville. The bodies were not recovered from the aircraft. The bomb load exploded many months later, in November 1945, destroying the aircraft and the remains of the crew.

      P/O H. Hugill, RAF
      P/O J. Inverarity, RCAF
      P/O D. Flitton, RAF
      P/O R. Griggs, RAF
      P/O R. Lowrey, RAF
      F/O R. Rolph, RCAF
      P/O D. Skingle, RCAF

    F/O W. Anderson from 419 squadron was attacked by a JU-88. The 2 gunners were able to shoot the fighter down.
    Sgt. J. Phillis was attacked by an enemy fighter. They were able to evade but overshot the target and returned without bombing.
    F/O R. Wilson returned without bombing as no T. I’s were seen.

    F/O H. Whittal from 420 squadron was fired upon by another Halifax. There was minor damage to the stbd wing and fuselage, the crew returned safely.
    F/O H. Jones, RCAF and crew failed to return from this operation. 

      Sgt. J. McGlade, RAF
      F/O D. Norton, RCAF
      F/O F. Tilt, RCAF
      P/O J. Yates, RCAF
      Sgt. J. Hampson, RAF
      P/O D. Sammon, RCAF
      P/O G. Tanuck, RCAF
    All the crew were killed.

    F/O E. Kirk from 425 squadron was attacked by 2 enemy aircraft. One was claimed destroyed.
    F/O J. Dargis was fired upon by friendly anti aircraft in East Anglia. There was no damage.

    F/O A. North from 426 squadron was attacked by an ME-110. There was a cannon shell hole in the stbd inner.
    P/O L. Mann was hit by flak. The aircraft dived steeply away from the search lites. When the Halifax was brought under control, the pilot found out that the navigator, bomb aimer, flt engineer, and wireless operator had bailed out. P/O L. Mann returned safely with the help of the 2 gunners.

    F/Lt. W. Moseley-Williams from 427 squadron returned without bombing as they were crowded off the bomb run.
    W/O2 D. Foster, RCAF, (Evd) and crew failed to return from this operation. 

      Sgt. G. Philliskirk, RAF--Evd
      F/O G. Waddell, RCAF--Evd
      F/O T. Farr, RCAF--Evd
      Sgt. E. Carter-Edwards, RCAF--POW
      Sgt. C. Ford, RCAF--POW
      Sgt. N. Donnan, RCAF--Evd
    5 of the crew evaded and 2 were POWs

    S/Ldr. W. Anderson, RCAF from 429 squadron was hit by flak. The pilot was severely injured and the bomb aimer, F/Sgt. A. Capuston, RCAF (Evd), navigator Sgt. L. O'Leary, RCAF (POW) and wireless operatorW/O1 J. Banning, RCAF (POW) bailed out. The Flt/engineer Sgt. G. Steere, RAF, with the help of the two gunners, Sgt. J. Mangione, RCAF, and Sgt. G. Ritchie, RCAF, were able to fly the Halifax back to England. The crew bailed the injured pilot out on a static line and then bailed out themselves. The crew landed safely except the pilot who died of his injuries. The Halifax crashed near the Benson airfield. The 3 crew members who brought the Halifax back to England were decorated for this brave act.

    P/O J. Artyniuk, RCAF and crew from 431 squadron failed to return from this operation. 

      Sgt. W. Teape, RAF
      F/O H. Morrison, RCAF
      F/O P. Gandy, RCAF
      F/Sgt. D. Flett, RAF
      P/O G. Curtis, RAF
      P/O B. Jose, RCAF
      P/O W. Mullin, RCAF
    All were killed.

    F/O W. Lekis from 432 squadron returned early due to a technical malfunction.
    S/Ldr. A. Lowe returned early as the stbd outer was u/s. They landed safely at base on 3 engines.
    F/O W. Vickerman, RCAF (Evd), and crew failed to return from this operation.

      Sgt. W. Dobson, RAF--Evd
      F/O E. Watson, RCAF--POW
      F/O C. Hoffman, RCAF--POW
      F/O L. O'Grady, RCAF--Evd
      Sgt. H. Beauchesne, RCAF--Evd
      P/O F. Layton, RCAF
    1 crew was killed, 2 were POWs and 4 evaded capture.

    P/O W. Watson, F/Sgt. F. Devine, and F/O W. Baird from 433 squadron landed at Topcliffe on return.
    F/O T. Prescott landed at Dishforth on return.


    While the above crews were attacking Acheres and Versailles, 8 Halifaxes from 424 squadron were ordered on a mining operation to Lorient. The crews were over the garden at 15,000 feet, sowing 32@1500 lb mines. All crews returned safely to base.

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