June 08/09, 1944

    70 Halifaxes from 420, 424, 425, 426, 427, 429, and 432 squadrons were joined by 10 Lancasters from 408 squadron on an attack of the rail yards at Mayenne. The purpose of this attack was to stop German reinforcements from reaching the battle area. The crews were over the target at between 3,000 and 7,000 feet, releasing 648,000 lbs of high explosives. According to reports, this attack was successful.

    All crews from 408 squadron landed at Nutts Corner on return.

    F/O C. Bennett from 420 squadron was attacked by an ME-109. There was no claim or damage and the crew landed safely at Valley.
    F/Sgt. R.McKay landed at Wrenham.
    The rest of the crews landed at Harden.

    P/O J. Henry from 425 squadron was attacked by 2 enemy aircraft. There were no claims or damage.
    F/O E. Kirk landed at Seighford on return due to poor weather.

    Sgt. P. Eagles from 426 squadron landed at Nutts Corner on return.
    W/Cdr. E. Hamber was attacked by an ME-109. The gunners fired and pieces came off the engine cowling, this was claimed probably destroyed. They landed safely at Dishforth on return.
    P/O N. Craig, RCAF and crew flying Halifax III  LW-598 coded OW-J, was orbiting the airfield in preparation when the stbd inner caught fire. 

      P/O R. Parker, RCAF
      Sgt. F. Howard, RAF
      P/O A Sootheran, RCAF
      P/O W. Holenchuk, RCAF
      W/O1 R. Parker, RCAF
      Sgt. E. Neil, RCAF
      Sgt. J. Hughes, RAF
    The Halifax side slipped and crashed into houses in the town of Newton on Ouse. The mid upper gunner was able to get out and pulled the seriously injured pilot out. The rest of the crew were killed.

    F/O K. McCaskill, W/O2 A. Clibbery, F/Sgt. J. Kicak, and F/O M. Marshall from 427 squadron landed at Middleton St. George on return. 

    F/Lt. L. Neilly from 429 squadron over shot on landing, rolling off the runway. The Halifax was slightly damage, but crew uninjured.
    F/Lt. E. Hawn landed at Croft on return.
    F/O G. Hawtin, F/Lt. G. Gardiner, W/O2 N. Thompson, F/O M. Sloski, and P/O L. Mitchell landed at Middleton St. George on return.

    P/O L. Lauzon, S/Ldr/ A. Lowe, and F/Lt. G. Larson from 432 squadron landed at Dalton on return.
    P/O W. Fernyhough, P/O J. Webb, F/Lt. M. Pettit, F/O V. Smith, and P/O R. Card landed at Dishforth on return.


    As the crews were attacking Mayenne, 12 Halifaxes from 428 and 433 squadrons were sent on a mining operation to Brest, St. Nazaire, and Lorient. The crews were over the gardens at 14,000 feet, sowing 20@1500 lb mines.

    All crews from 428 squadron were recalled to base.

    P/O J. Mitchell from 433 squadron landed at Pershore on return.

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