March 29/30, 1944

    49 Halifaxes from 419, 427, 428, 431, and 434 squadrons were ordered on an attack of the rail yards at Vaires. The crews were over the target at between 12,000 and 13,000 feet, releasing 470,000 lbs of high explosives. According to reports, this attack took place in a bright moonlight and severe damage was caused. 2 ammunition trains blew up with great force.

    P/O J. Greenidge RCAF and crew from 419 squadron, flying Halifax II  HR-912 coded VR-F,  failed to return from this operation.

      Sgt. W. Sinclair RAF
      P/O T. Lowe RCAF
      P/O V. Lunney RCAF
      W/O1 E. Humphreys RCAF
      Sgt. M. Wheeler RCAF
      P/O E. Surridge RCAF
    All were lost without a trace.

    W/O2 W. Forsberg from 428 squadron returned early due to severe icing.

    F/Sgt. A. Tinmouth from 431 squadron returned early as the wireless operator was sick.

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