Photo Graciously supplied by
Doug McIvor 
Photo Graciously supplied by
Ron Putz
P/O Rod McIvor RCAF of 419 Squadron, from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, was killed on April 28, 1944, while flying Halifax II JN-954 coded VR-R, on an attack of the rail yards at Montzen. 

This attack was intercepted by German Nightfighters and 10 crews failed to return.

Their plane crashed between the villages of Heer and Gronsveld near Maastricht. All were killed and are buried in the Maastricht General Cemetery, Tongersweg.

 Members of the McIvor crew were:   Sgt S. Ridgen RCAF,     W/O2 J. Bremner RCAF, 
P/O S. Goulding RCAF, W/O1 W. Claridge RCAF, P/O K. Tucker RCAF, P/O E. Dujay RCAF

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